Emilie Maslow knew her future belonged to fashion at the age of fourteen. Her favorite show was CNN's "Style With Elsa Klench.” That curiosity drove her into modeling where she was able to observe, firsthand, the career options within the fashion industry. Always one with an eye for the details, Emilie's choice was quickly made... she would become a fashion stylist.

After graduating from college, she began working on fashion shows for Nordstrom where her talents were quickly sought after. Art directors often comment on Emilie's vision and attention to details: "Emilie is extremely talented with amazing style & vision. Her organization and professionalism is outstanding and she contributes so much; from impeccable style to overall concepting."

Drawing inspiration from every facet of the creative process, Emilie's drive and contributions are consistently pushing boundaries within the industry as well herself.

A short list of clients includes Nordstrom, Macy's, Eddie Bauer, Hanna Anderson, Tommy Bahama, Diet Coke, Amazon, Target, REI, UGG, Microsoft, and Levi's. Her work has also been seen in magazines such as Elle, Men’s Vogue, People, Self, Sports Illustrated & No.ise.